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About: Legendary Health Founder, Dr. Houston Anderson, DC, MS, CNS

Passion + Excellence

From a very young age, I  have been infatuated with health and performance. As a collegiate volleyball athlete learning exercise science to being a competitive bodybuilder in my late 20s and now having treated over 8,000 functional medicine cases, my range of experience is broader than most and my ideas and philosophies are time tested.  

But, this isn't about me. My goal is to get you to "LEGENDARY HEALTH". I want to share with you diet, exercise, supplements, strategies, protocols, etc. that get lost in the overwhelm of information on the internet. Welcome to your journey to become a LEGEND.  


We're on a mission, armed with the best of both worlds – ancient wisdom and modern strategies to "BE LEGENDARY". 

In every family, industry or culture there is always ONE person that achieves legendary success.

If thats you, the black sheep, the unrelenting one, the person living outside the box, this is the membership for you. 

We are here to develop and cultivated a group of powerful LEGENDS that not only are healthy but go throughout the world effecting the lives of others in a beneficial way. 

As the world spirals out of control, you are the only person you can hold responsible for your health, wealth and happiness. 

Our group is a small but passionate group of warriors for humanity, ready to kick butt and take names in the pursuit of a healthier, happier life. We're all about tapping into nature's goodness, whether it's with herbs, food, or the latest biochacking devices. So, let's ditch the doubts and dive into this journey together. No more feeling lost in the chaos of wellness trends and conflic

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  • Become The Doctor: Our network of doctors can't see everyone in person. The amount of people needing health support and guidance is at an all time high and ever increasing. We will have quizzes, guides and self-assessment strategies so you can save money and treat yourself naturally at home.